King's Talent Bank (KTB) will have implemented a new holiday function.

Please see here a tutorial on how to claim your holiday 

How to claim my holiday:

  1. You can claim your Holiday by clicking on the Payroll Menu (see screenshot).
  2. Click on the Holiday Request tab
  3. Select the Branch - King’s Talent Bank
  4. You will then see a drop-down next to ‘Assignments’, select the assignment you want to claim holiday from.
  5. Enter the date of your holiday and the number of hours requested. 
  6. Submit the request

You will be paid for your holiday a week in arrears based on the date your have requested in point 5

BANK HOLIDAYS: All bank holidays must be requested through the holiday feature on your profile. If you do not request holiday for any bank holidays payment will not be made. 


How is your holiday calculated?

Hours worked x 12.07% (Non AWR rate) = Holiday Hours Accrued 

Hours worked x 15.56% (AWR rate) = Holiday Hours Accrued