Do I get paid for bank holidays?

  • Yes.  If you have enough holiday entitlement accrued you will get paid for any bank holidays that are requested.  
  • You DO NOT need to put in any hours in your timesheet for a bank holiday unless you actually worked on the bank holiday.
  • You do not need to request Bank Holiday pay as this is paid automatically.

How is my holiday pay calculated?

  • Your holiday entitlement is calculated from your start date and 1 year ahead.
  • After the first year is completed your accrued holidays will start over from 0.
  • Any holidays not taken on the anniversary of your start date will be lost.
  • The standard holiday entitlement is 4 weeks (28 days) per year. This can include public and bank holidays.


Holiday days / Working Weeks = Rate of Accrual


  • 28 days holiday (statutory minimum) equates to 5.6 weeks holiday (28 days / 5 days per week)
  • 52 weeks a year - 5.6 = 46.4 working weeks
  • To calculate the rate of accrual per week you divide the Days entitled by the working weeks
  • 28 / 46.40 = 0.603 days per week

Pay Rate

The rate at which the Holidays are paid at will be determined on the previous 12 weeks of their earnings, an average is calculated for a days pay, e.g.

  • 12 Weeks = £3,525
  • 1 Week = £3,525 / 12 weeks = £293.75
  • 1 Day = £293.75 / 5 days  = £58.75 per day

Please be aware if you request your holiday for a later date your average earnings may decrease or increase depending on the work carried out between the date of request and date of the actual holiday paid. This is because holiday pay is calculated on your last 12 weeks average earnings.

Important: if you wish to opt-out of the automatic bank holiday payments please contact