For UK and EU Students

It is a London Metropolitan University's policy that whilst you are studying you are permitted to work a MAXIMUM of 20 hours per during term time.

This policy ensures whilst you are within term time that any work you do complete is balanced with the study time you have as a result no affecting your experience at the University.

We ensure you earn whilst you learn, but also have a responsibility to make sure studying is priority. In agreed cases between management and students, we can lift the working hours limit if the Met Temps team are provided with sufficient evidence that you are attending all lectures, achieving targets and your line manager has signed off that they permit you to work more hours during term time.

For Overseas Students

Due to VISA restrictions, you are legally bound to worker a MAXIMUM of 20 hours per week during term time or less depending on the VISA type you have. If you are unsure of your VISA limitations please refer to your passport or visit the Met Temps desk.   

Outside of Term Time

When you are outside of term time you can work to the maximum working limit, this varies dependent on workers with VISA’s.

For any further questions regarding term time working hours limits please contact the Met Temps team.