Your online profile puts you on the job market. It enables you access to the secure workers area to search jobs. It allows you to set-up email alerts for when a job matching your skills and requirements is posted, and means that employers are able to contact you directly.

The purpose of your profile is twofold – to sell yourself to potential employers, and to filter the job opportunities that you attract. So it's in your interests to keep your profile professional and up-to-date, to fill it out honestly with as much detail as you can. There’s nothing worse than having your inbox bombarded with irrelevant job offers or being pushed into unsuitable jobs.

Your profile should take no more than 15 minutes to fully complete, and you can go back and change information as often as you like.

  • Current Contact Details are essential for prospective employers to be able to contact you.
  • Use your Personal Statement as a self-marketing tool to draw attention to your experience, knowledge, skills and aspirations.
  • Photographs are non-compulsory, but if you do upload a photo, make sure it’s high quality and is a good representation of you.
  • Skills and Qualifications are a key search area for employers, so make sure you provide a comprehensive and detailed list.
  • Next, fill out your Employment History, including organisation, position and dates.
  • Create a list of References – contact details of people who can provide back-up to previous work experience or studies. Ensure the references you list will say good things about you! More....
  • Use the Add Document facility to upload any scanned images of documents required for checking identity, eligibility to work or other employment records.
  • Under My Job Search Preferences, specify the minimum pay rate that you will work for, the position, industry sector and location that you would like to work in and key words, which will all help us to match you with the right job opportunity.
  • Finally, establish your Availability - tell us how many hours you can typically work each week.