Go to Enter Timesheets

  • Here you will see a list of Assignments that can have timesheets entered
  • Find the right Assignment and select Online to show available timesheets then click Enter Hours .
  • Enter the hours you have worked  before pressing the Submit button on the bottom of the page.
  • Please ensure you have entered the correct number of hours for the right week before pressing submit.

Do I include Holidays taken on my timesheet?

  • No.  Any day that was taken as a holiday needs to be left blank on your timesheet.
  • Your Holiday pay is requested via the Holiday Request menu option

What is the deadline for submitting timesheets?

  • The deadline for submitting timesheets is Monday 12 noon for work carried out Monday to Sunday the previous week. 
  • It is advised to submit your timesheet before Monday in case your timesheet authoriser has a query regarding your hours.


What do I do if my timesheet has been queried?

  • If your timesheet has been queried you will either receive an email or SMS notifying you this.
  • Please log into your DirectTemping account and click the timesheet that has been queried, you will then see a message explaining why your timesheet has not been approved. 
  • It may be because your hours you have entered do not agree with the timesheet authoriser or you have forgotten to take off your lunch breaks. 
  • Once you make the necessary amendments your timesheet authoriser will be emailed notifying them you have made the amendments and will also ask them to approve your timesheet.