There are various ways to claim tax back. For example if you are sill currently working and are on a BR tax code please complete a  P46. Depending on what statement you declare you could get your tax back in your next wage, otherwise we will wait to hear from the Tax office to inform of your correct tax code.

Claiming tax back from previous years?

The time limit for making a claim is five years from 31 January following the 5 April end of the tax year. For example, a claim for 2003-04 must be made by 31 January 2010. What you will need to do is contact the tax office and tell them you believe you can claim some tax back. They will instruct you what you need to do.

Can  I claim tax back for someone else?

You can claim tax back on behalf of someone else if you are:

  • the parent of a child (under 16 in Scotland or under 18 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • the next of kin of someone who is incapable of managing their own affairs
  • a relative of someone who would have difficulty in making a claim, such as someone in poor health
  • Others who have an official status such as a guardian or someone appointed by the courts, can also claim.

If you are thinking of claiming tax back for someone else please phone the tax office (see below) for details about what to do next.

Tax  Office Contact details:

The address for the Keystone Employment Group tax office is:

Lothians Area
Saughton House, Bromhouse Drive
Edinburgh  EH11 3XG

Payroll Tax Ref: TS02 846/HA31007

Telephone number: 0300 200 3300

If you still need to speak to us directly please call the Payroll Department on 0203 384 6483.